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The Dog And The Lion

The Dog And The Lion

A young boy once asked his grandpa, “Does the amount of evil in the world ever make God nervous about how things will turn out? Do you ever think that God feels threatened by the evil forces?”

The old man said, “A dog stood in a large field with a lion. The lion was about to attack the dog. Do you think the dog felt threatened?”

“Yes of course.”

“Let’s say that the dog was as large as the lion. Would the dog feel threatened?”

“Yes,” the boy said.

“Let’s say the dog grew as large as a tree. Would he still be threatened by the lion?”

The boy thought for a moment. “Yes, but the lion wouldn’t be able to kill it. He would only injure it.”

“Let’s suppose that the dog was the size of this house. Would the dog feel threatened?

“Maybe a little,” the boy said. “But not really.”

“If the dog became the size of New York City, would the lion be able to do anything?

“No,” the boy said. “He would mainly be an annoyance.”

 “Now let’s suppose the dog became as big as the world itself. How dangerous would the lion be?”

“Not at all. The lion can’t do anything. He would get crushed by the dog.

The grandpa paused for a moment to let the boy understand where he was going with this. “God is greater than the entire universe. He created the universe. How can He be stuck in time and space if He created time and space? God is infinite. He cannot be threatened by anything. His will is going to stand forever.”

The boy sat with a new amazement. But the old man continued. “Get the right view of God now while you’re still young. He is all powerful and cannot be threatened by anything, including evil. He is more powerful than anything, no matter what kind of problems you’ll ever face in life.”

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