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A young boy once asked his grandpa, “Does the amount of evil in the world ever make God nervous about how things will turn out? Do you ever think that God feels threatened by the evil forces?” The old man said, “A dog stood in a large field with a

We make choices every day. Sometimes they are obvious. The possibilities lie in sharp contrast, the options spelled out clearly. But some choices go by without our notice. We make a decision, not understanding the consequences until it is too late. Matthew 27 is full of choices. Some good, many

What’s the definition of sin? How can we describe it? If we look at what the Bible says, we understand that sin is breaking God’s laws. But is that really all what it is? Is it only about breaking the Ten Commandments? Or is all sin really something deeper? Let’s

Pilgrims Conflict With Sloth is an amazing poem written by John Piper where he stopped being a pastor and went into full time ministry on Desiring God. He had been a pastor for 30 years, and now he battled in his mind to not waste his time. Sloth means “lazy”,

Matthew 18:20 – “For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there in the midst of them.” Christians Should Stick Together Christians should stick together. We Christians should learn how to praise the Lord together in whatever ways we can think of. We can get a

James 2:26- “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.” Does this mean that we are saved by our works or by our faith? Are they related to each other? If so, how? The Bible makes it very clear that we are

You'll learn about what it really means to trust in the Lord and to lean on Him fully.

Several of the world’s denominations teach that Christians cannot sin so as to become lost; that is, there is no way that a true convert of Christ he cannot go to hell may sin, and thereby, receive eternal damnation – he cannot go to hell after having once been saved.

Are you in need of prayer requests? Maybe you are struggling to find peace in all of life’s troubles. Maybe you have not been feeling very well. Maybe there is an important day such as a surgery coming up. Maybe you want to come closer to God but you don’t